University of Greenwich

ongoing PhD supervisions: 3

since 2019/2020: Macroeconomics module of ECON1140 – Macroeconomics and Microeconomics in Context, full year course [BSc Economics, year 2].

since 2017/2018: ECON1151 – Introduction to Quantitative Methods and Economic Analysis, 1 term [MSc Economics].

Kingston University

2016/2017: Economics for Business, full year course [undergraduate, year 1].

2015/2016: Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Economics, 1 term [undergraduate].

2014/2015: Seminar: Economic Policy, 1 term [graduate].

2014/2015: Seminar: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, 1 term [graduate].

2014/2015: Parts of course: Economics quantitatively treated, 1 term [undergraduate].